Arizona is at a historic crossroads

We Are Owning Our Future


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At Instituto, we believe that every community has the inherent leadership, capacity, and resources to create its own solutions. Our programs build effective and sustaining advocacy capacity among low-income and communities of color.


Accelerator & Incubator


With habits, demography, and updated technologies in constant flux, it is critical for organizations to create, use, and adapt to new ways of engaging communities. At Instituto we believe that the talent and ideas are abundant, so we INCUBATE organizations and solutions that will help mobilize voters and build political capacity in places that have historically been under-invested in.



Arizona leaders and organizations have made incredible strides in the face of adversity. For over a decade, a diverse cadre of leaders have dismantled some of the most draconian policies impacting communities of color and low-income families. At Instituto we ACCELERATE organizations by focusing on leadership development and scaling electoral and advocacy programs. Our Monzón Fellowship is designed to support middle-managers in running the largest programs to date, while our Encuentros are convenings designed to create collaboration and growth amongst the progressive civic sector’s executive leadership.


“We’re creating a new reality for community change — building an institution led by those who have fought injustice in the past and are ready to lead in the future.”

Luis Avila