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Monzón Fellowship Graduation
5:30 PM17:30

Monzón Fellowship Graduation


It was seven months of learning, growing, building community, and preparing to take on added leadership. The Monzón Fellows are now ready to win!

Join us in celebrating the 1st Monzón Fellowship cohort with a powerful, immersive experience in South Phoenix!


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Arena Academy
to Dec 9

Arena Academy

  • Phoenix Convention Center (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Instituto, in partnership with Arena, are bringing Arena Academy to Phoenix! Arena Academy is a best-in-class training program for political professionals. Participants from across the U.S. will join us as we learn about how to win in 2020!

This program is ideal for:

  • Campaign Managers

  • Communications Directors

  • Finance Directors

  • Data Directors

  • Digital Directors

  • Organizing Directors

  • Organizers

WHEN: December 5th-9th, 2019

WHERE: Phoenix, AZ

COST: $300


DEADLINE TO APPLY: October 11th, 2019

Capacity is limited so apply today:

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Creating Creative Content - Part 2 (The Workshop)
5:00 PM17:00

Creating Creative Content - Part 2 (The Workshop)


This session is a workshop where you can gain hands-on experience on creating graphic content and get direct feedback from design and communications experts that will be on-hand. The first session will cover mostly theory or creating engaging content and have different exercises for differing levels of experience with design concepts and tools. You can attend either one or both sessions, but you must register for each separately. TO REGISTER FOR THE PART ONE, CLICK HERE.


Carla Chavarria, Founder & Graphic Designer, Ocho Agency

Lucy Sandoval, Communications Director, Puente

Vianey De Anda, Communications Coordinator, ProgressNow Arizona

Monica Nowakowski, Digital Communications Specialist, Iconico Campaigns


ProgressNow Arizona


Content creation is such an important skill for all organizations, but limited resources or capacity can make it difficult. Often, there is only one person within an organization dedicating any time to creating the content that is supposed to help us win support. Whether you’re just beginning to design or someone with more experience that want’s to make sure they’re keeping up on best practices and trends, it can be very helpful to get feedback from experts with communications and design-eyes to make sure we’re putting our “best foot forward” in connecting with the community.

In this workshop we will :

  • Learn about design principles

  • Get individual expert review on past design(s)

  • Learn about simple and easy tools that can make designing more efficient or effective

  • Connect with other content creators who work in social justice, progressive politics, and organizing

This training is part of Instituto’s Training Series, and everyone, regardless of experience level is welcome!


This is a free training, but to participate, you must register below:

Name *
How much experience do you have with designing for social media posting, website or email communications, photo editing, or creating memes?
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Florecer Aquí Y Allá
12:00 PM12:00

Florecer Aquí Y Allá

On Saturday July 6th, Instituto will be hosting Florecer Aquí y Allá, a transnational migrant solidarity event that will celebrate immigration through the means of art. The event will be done in solidarity with other groups across the U.S. 

Often times when we speak on immigration it is done with a sad or hopeless tone, but Florecer Aquí y Allá will celebrate the beauty of immigration and our rights to approach the issue in a way that best fits all of our own personal needs. Designed in a way that is meant to inspire and ignite a movement within our communities that will continue pushing for change within immigration.

There are subsequent themes that are impacted by immigration, that many migrants are also pushing to reform. Florecer Aquí y Allá will highlight some of these topics such as education and opportunity, and families belong together. 

Undocumented Students for Education Equity (USEE) from ASU will be part of the event to help highlight the necessity of accessible education for those who migrate to the United States. There are added hurdles that are unfairly placed by government officials to prevent students from obtaining access to the quality public education Arizona has to offer. 

Immigration often impacts families, but not always in the way that it should. Family separation is an issue that immigrants often have to deal with, but should never be the case. Our partner organization for the event Aliento helps the community deal and heal with these topics through their art and healing programs. Florecer Aquí y Allá will highlight the importance and beauty of keeping families together, and will be a call to action for the community to continue pushing for immigration reform that values families as a whole unit.

Florecer Aquí y Allá means to flourish, both here and there. The event is meant to inspire the migrant community and allies in Phoenix to continue pushing for policies that positively impact our communities.  

It is an artist call to action that is designed to highlight the benefits of immigration on our communities, and to celebrate the autonomous decision to immigrate or not to. Palabras Bilingual Bookstore is a partner organization that has connected immigrant communities with the artistic medium for years in the Phoenix community and we are proud to have their support on the event.

The event will be on Saturday, July 6th at CO+HOOTS from the hours of 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM. The event is welcome to all, and we highly encourage artists whose themes revolve around immigration to participate in the event.

This event is free, you just need to register:

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