Organization Launches As Arizona Becomes a Battleground State

Media Contact: Nuvia Enriquez



Organization Launches As Arizona Becomes a Battleground State

PHOENIX - Arizona is a battleground state. The 2020 election is bound to mark the destinies of Arizonans and communities all over the country. To prepare for this important election, Instituto launches to build up established and emerging progressive leaders across the state.

WHAT: Official launch party for Instituto: A New Day

WHEN: Wednesday, April 24, 2018 at 5:30 p.m.

WHERE: Co+Hoots, 221 E. Indianola Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85012

WHY: Arizona will be a pivotal state in 2020 as the state is considered a battleground. The Grand Canyon state is on track to become a majority-minority state by 2028, outpacing the nation by more than 10 years, and voter participation in the last elections has reached all-time highs. In 2016, Latinos made up nine percent of all voters. By 2012, 27 percent of all votes were cast by Latinos. In 2016, there was an increase of nearly 35 percent from 2012 numbers, and in 2018, these voters participated at a Presidential election level on a midterm election.

“For over a decade, local organizations lead by young people of color have fought against injustice, prejudice and draconian policies,” says Luis Avila, founder of Insituto. “It is time for us to identify and support this talent, scale their work and help individuals build sustainable organizations that advance progressive policies during and after the elections.”